Acnecinamide - Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

There are 9 different Acnecinamide® products that work fast, effective and safe on acne prone skin or acne blemishes, pimples and blackheads with no side effects. The ingredients of Acnecinamide® products have been designed against all steps of acne formation. Acne pimples and blemishes on the face have to be handle differently from the ones on the body so as the blackheads, whiteheads or oily skin need different care. The Acnecinamide® brand has cleansing gel for daily use to clean and fresh the skin, Acnecinamide® peeling scrub helps deep cleansing blocked pores and removing blackheads, Acnecinamide® exfoliative tissue a handy easy to use tissue that gently exfoliates and refreshes the skin, Acnecinamide® gel fights acne pimples, Acnecinamide® gelcream eliminates pimples and blemishes and gives excellent skin care, Acnecinamide® PHA gel gives rapid relief to body acne, Acnecinamide® sun cream is the unique formula that is developed for skin with acne and excessive oil, Acnecinamide® tablets are effective and safe alternative to oral acne therapy, Acnecinamide® anti-acne make-up remover milk clears acne pimples, blemishes and oil, soothes and conditions the skin during make-up removal, Acnecinamide® anti-acne aftershave balm relieves post shave skin stiffness and effectively combats acne pimples, blemishes and in-growing hair.
Practical use: Acnecinamide® cleansing gel and Acnecinamide® gel cream Oily skin with black heads: Acnecinamide® Scrub and gel cream Acne prone, sensitive and mixed skin: Acnecinamide® cleansing gel and Acnecinamide® gel cream Oily skin with mild acne pimples and blemishes: Acnecinamide® cleansing gel and Acnecinamide® gel and Acnecinamide® exfoliate tissue Oily skin with moderate acne pimples and blemishes: Acnecinamide® cleansing gel and Acnecinamide® gel cream and Acnecinamide® tablets Severe acne pimples: Start with Acnecinamide® scrub Acnecinamide® gelcream and Acnecinamide® tablets and Continue with Acnecinamide® cleansing gel and Acnecinamide® gelcream and Acnecinamide® exfoliate tissue Sun Sensitive, acne prone skin: Acnecinamide® cleansing gel and Acnecinamide® sun cream Body acne and severe facial acne: Acnecinamide® scrub and Acnecinamide® PHA gel
The active ingredients of Acnecinamide® products have been designed to fight against all types of acne lesions, pimples and blemishes. Acnecinamide® products are composed of a natural active ingredient called niacinamide or vitamin B3. It offers a safe and effective alternative treatment to acne lesions, blemishes and pimples. Vitamin B3 has historically referred to as vitamin PP; the pellegra preventing vitamin. Vitamin B3 deficiency in diet causes the disease pellagra. Pellegra was an endemic disease in northern Italy where it was named "pelle agre" (pelle=skin, agre=rough). Intensive clinically studies within the last few years discovered the soothing activity of vitamin B3 on the skin to prevent acne and some other skin diseases. The composition of the Acnecinamide® products are essentially based on the latest research findings and are not outdated treatments. Recent clinical studies on niacinamide, the main active of the Acnecinamide® products, imply that niacinamide differs from many of the other acne treatments. It is superior in effectiveness, speed of action, convenience and safety. It also continues to reveal amazing benefits to overcome redness, tenderness and targets spots just starting to appear. Niacinamide is a water soluble vitamin and active form of niacin and is used to treat many other skin disorders because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Niacinamide has been clinically proven to be effective for the treatment of mild to severe acne lesions. In acne treatment niacinamide can be used either topically or orally. The most effective topical niacinamide concentration is found to be 4 %. The clinical studies compared topical antibiotic (clindamycin 1 %) against 4 % niacinamide showed better or equal results after 8 weeks, where 4 % niacinamide topical was the preferred choice since clindamycin is associated with producing resistant strains of bacteria in acne treatment. Niacinamide is very effective as a fast acting product against acne lesions without producing unwanted resistant bacteria strains. On the other hand Acnecinamide® allows retaining more moisture and reducing fine lines, irritation and redness. Other than niacinamide, the Acnecinamide® products have several other natural and safe anti-acne ingredients, they are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Poly Hydroxy acids, linoleic acid, Genistein (from soy extract), panthenol (vitamin B5), allantoin, green tea EGCG extract, hamamelis extract, vitamin C, folic acid, beta glucans, salicylic acid.
Activity: Controls inflammation
Benefit: Effective against acne lesions, decreases excessive sebum production, smoother and softer looking skin,
Activity: Decreases irritation
Benefit: Soothes red, cracking skin, clears pimples, blemishes,
Activity: Increases the ceramides of the skin
Benefit: Hydrates and moisturizes skin,
Activity: Hydrates and moisturizes skin,
Benefit: Decreases hyper pigmentation and spots, lightens skin color,
Activity: Boosts production of collagen and other proteins
Benefit: Reduces acne scars, improves elasticity of skin.
All the formulations and their rations are patented in Acnecinamide® products. The hottest composition of the Acnecinamide® is the combination of green tea EGCG extract with niacinamide which is used in Acnecinamide® make-up remover milk and after Acnecinamide® shave balm.
Testosterone (an androgen hormone) targets the skin and sebaceous glands where sebum is produced. Testosterone combines with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase to produce more active form of testosterone, known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce increased volumes of sebum. Sebum is expelled out of the follicular tube. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and other bacteria on the skin and within the follicles produce bacterial lipases that move into the follicle openings and convert sebum into free fatty acids, which irritate the follicle linings. This irritation causes excessive production of cells and cellular debris, which blocks the follicle openings and traps P. acnes inside. The P. acnes bacteria inside the blocked follicles breed and produce acne infections. Infections grow and inflame the skin. Inflammatory cells (macrophages) and the inflammatory compounds cause the skin to become red, puffy and painful. This causes more follicle blockage and promotes more acne infections. In the case of cystic acne the infections are very deep in the follicles and the infections may not rise to the surface where the infection and pus can be expelled. Consequently, cystic acne can be healed slowly.
The commonest acne is know as acne vulgaris, in other words in adolescent ages, pimples or blemishes along with blackheads, oily skin etc cover face or other body parts mostly red, superficial lesions. Sometimes they grow into the depth of the skin leading cysts and tender lesions.
To exfoliate the skin, use Acnecinamide® Exfoliative Tissue. Decide the frequency of application of exfoliating products depending on your skin's sensitivity and intensity of acne lesions. Apply sunscreens (SPF 15 or higher) after morning cares. You could apply Acnecinamide® Sun cream on your face day long, as it keeps pores open and prevents acne flare-ups.